Justice Buster: Justice League Comics 1/3 Scale (Ultimate)

Pre-Order : ฿ 95,900

Deposit : ฿ 20,000

Pre-Order Deadline 21 March 2021

Justice Buster: Justice League Comics 1/3 Scale (Ultimate)

กำหนดวางจำหน่าย: เมษายน-กันยายน 2565
แบรนด์: Prime 1 Studio
ซีรีส์: Justice League Comics
รหัสสินค้า: UMMDC-03UT
สเกล: Non Scale
ขนาด: 88x75.3x71.1 ซม.
น้ำหนัก: 57.6 กก.
วัสดุ: Polystone and other materials



Prime 1 Studio is incredibly proud to present the long-awaited Batman Mechanical Suit reinterpretation by Concept Artist Josh Nizzi, The JUSTICE BUSTER!

Straight from the pages of Batman: Endgame No.1, The Joker has infected the rest of the Justice League, and his one command is for them to take out The Batman!

Batman has always had contingencies planned for when he believes his fellow Justice Leaguers might go rogue, but the Justice Buster has been created and designed for when they go rogue ALL AT ONCE!

This overwhelming masterpiece stands at a jaw-dropping 35 inches tall, fully loaded with all the defensive and offensive capabilities for situations that Batman has planned for: Anti-Superman Knuckle Dusters made with Miniature Red Suns, an Autonomous Anti-Flash Turret, and a Citrine Neurolizer for Green Lantern are only some of the amazing weaponry this technological wonder holds.

The Justice Buster statue has been carefully outfitted with impressive features that take inspiration from the landmark storyline; and Josh Nizzi improves on every minute detail. Numerous levels of paint applications, weathering and washes, strategically placed LED lighting, and an imposing pose set this apart from any other statue in your arsenal! Swap out the Justice Buster helmet with Batman’s head to tell a different story. This Justice Buster comes with both open and closed Chest and Back Wing parts for display flexibility.

But hold on! The Justice League is in trouble NOW because Batman has just come out to play! The Ultimate Version includes a full-sized and to-scale Batman statue meant to be displayed next to the Justice Buster suit. This Batman statue comes with his own environmental base, four, all-different swappable heads that can be placed on either the Batman statue or inside the Justice Buster for maximum storytelling!

Set in a lavishly decorated base that illustrates just how unwinnable tangling with Batman can be, The Justice Buster strides through to victory and into your collection like no other!

A must-have for Batman and Justice League fans everywhere!

One (1) themed base
LED illumination around the statue
Fully poseable Batman fabric cape
One (1) UMMDC-04: Batman Advanced Suit statue
Two (2) swappable back wing parts (Open, Closed)
Two (2) swappable chest parts (Open, Closed)
Four (4) swappable portraits (Justice Buster, Batman, Black Mask, Face Shield)