Alien Remix Miguel (CoCo) (Dynamic Action Heroes)

Alien Remix Miguel (CoCo)

กำหนดวางจำหน่าย: มกราคม-มีนาคม 2564
แบรนด์: Beast Kingdom
ซีรี่ส์: Toy Story
รหัสสินค้า: DAH028
ขนาด: 16x7x23.8 ซม.
วัสดุ: ABS, PVC, Fiber

Product Description

Little Green Men, the three eyed Aliens from Toy Story, who love a little bit of dress-up are back in a new ghoulish transformation from the movie CoCo.

As the original launch of the “DAH-022”Three Eyed Aliens was met with huge fanfare, Beast Kingdom proudly introduces another dress-up event with a new character for the Aliens to take on, Miguel from the Disney classic CoCo.

The Day Of Dead, a huge holiday remembering the passing of friends and family members, sees young Miquel dressing up in a ghoulish outfit, with a scary skull face-painting to match.

Not ones to be left out, our little Alien friends are dressed up in the same getup. The highly articulable Three Eyed Alien Miguel Remix includes the use of real fabrics for the red hoodie and blue jeans, as well as four exclusive, replaceable faces all with skull face-paintings.

In addition to the replaceable faces are also three pairs of hands, perfect to create any scary pose!

For fans of both Toy Story’s Little Three Eyed Aliens as well as CoCo this is one set ready to raise the undead, and is one not to be missed!

Special Features

- Three Eyed Aliens, Miguel Remix from Disney’s CoCo

- Articulable eyes, hands, feet, antennas and ears

- Four (4) interchangeable face sculpts (Normal, Open mouth, smiling, grinning)

- Three (3) pairs of interchangeable hands (Grabbing, handshaking, pointing)

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