Tony Stark: Iron Man (Mech Test Version) 1/6 Scale (Delxue)

Pre-Order : ฿ 9,850

Deposit : ฿ 4,900

Pre-Order Deadline 23 August 2020

Tony Stark: Iron Man (Mech Test Version) 1/6 Scale (Delxue)

กำหนดวางจำหน่าย: มกราคม - มิถุนายน 2565
แบรนด์: Hot Toys
ซีรีส์: Iron Man
รุ่น: MMS582
เสกล: 1/6 Scale

【Iron Man - 1/6th scale Tony Stark (Mech Test Version) Collectible Figure (Deluxe Version)】

“Dummy, look alive, you’re on standby for fire safety” – Tony Stark

The first Iron Man movie released in 2008 has stormed global theatres with the fans’ beloved super hero Iron Man and his futuristic armors, not to mention his ultimate workshop and workshop robots in the giant mansion. Adding onto the awesome Marvel collection, Hot Toys is excited to introduce the Deluxe Version of 1/6th scale Tony Stark (Mech Test Version) collectible figure, featuring the genius engineer testing the thrust capabilities of his newly created prototype Iron Man suit parts.

Masterfully crafted based on the image of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in Iron Man, the figure includes a head sculpt with incredible likeness, LED light-up functions on arc reactor on chest, repulsor palms, and legs, metallic painted gauntlet and leg armor which displays complicated mechanical design, mechanical wires stretch around the upper body just like the film depiction, and a finely crafted causal outfit. Along with the figure, a diamond shaped dynamic figure stand and a matching backdrop to recreate Tony Stark workshop setting where he put the prototype armors in a flight test.

Conduct experiments with the special Tony Stark figure. This Mech Test Version is absolutely a must-have for any Iron Man collector!