Spider Man: Far From Home (Stealth Suit) (Egg Attack Action)

Spider Man: Far From Home (Stealth Suit) (Egg Attack Action)

กำหนดวางจำหน่าย: เมษายน - มิถุนายน 2563
รหัสสินค้า: EAA098
ขนาด: 16.5 ซม.
วัสดุ: PVC, ABS

Product Description

Coming out of the shadows, and protecting his dearest friends, Far From Home’s Spider-Man is ready to save the day once again!

The Far From Home movie introduced us to a bevy of new suites, and with Nick Fury convincing our friendly traveling Spider-Man to embark on a secret mission, Peter must take on the stealthiest suite he has ever worn!
Made of black material perfect for a night operation, the tactical styled suite is designed for sneaky action, without being noticed.
Beast Kingdom is therefore proud to introduce the 6-inch, highly articulable figure for collectors to enjoy the world over. Based on the Egg Attack Action, stylized design, the ‘Stealth Suite’ features 26 points of articulation, allowing owners to pose the figure in a huge number of fun action poses.

With a number of replaceable hands and eye types, Spider-Man is just as comfortable swinging with the also included web-silk as is he crawling on the side of a wall! With real cloth and the tactical PVC armor Spider-Man is agile as well as highly protected against attacks from the fearsome Elementals!
Yet sneaking in the dark can often become tiresome, hence the set also includes a Peter Parker head carving for when Spider-Man needs to take his mask off and spend some quality time with MJ.
So don’t forget to sneak this Spider-Man to your Marvel collection today and take some movie magic!

Special Features

Based on the design of Marvel’s: Spider-Man Far From Home’s Stealth Suite. Using the distinctive styling of Egg Attack action with 26 points of articulation.
- EAA design Peter Parker replacement head sculpt, with 2 replacement Spider-Man eyes, 3 pairs of special effect spider silk, 4 replacement hands, and a special figure stand.
- Use of real cloth material and PVC for the armor, giving collectors a detailed recreation of the costumed superhero!

- Two included head sculpts, Masked and Peter Parker
- Four special effect spider silks
- Three replacement eye types
- Four replacement hands including the following:
Pair of clenched hands
Spider silk grip hands
Replacement silk hands
Climbing wall hands
- Exclusive Far From Home figure stand with logo