Spider Man: Far From Home (Upgraded Suit) (Egg Attack Action)

Spider Man: Far From Home (Upgraded Suit)

กำหนดวางจำหน่าย: มกราคม - มีนาคม 2563
แบรนด์: Beast Kingdom
รหัสสินค้า: EAA099
ขนาด: 16.5 ซม.
วัสดุ: PVC, ABS, Fabric

Product Description

Regaining the moto, ‘With great power, comes great responsibility’, our favorite neighborhood Spider-Man swings back into action, sporting a new red and black suit. 
Standing up for his friends yet again, Spider-Man (AKA Peter Parker) must this time deal with Mysterio! Is he a friend, or foe? Only time will tell!

Taiwan’s Beast Kingdom is once more proud to present the latest in the Egg Attack Action (EAA) range of Marvel 6-inch super hero action figures! The new, upgraded suit in Spider-Man Far From Home represents the ultimate in “Iron Man”tech, and is the first time one is made in the secret flying lab!

Included in the set are not only 2 replaceable head sculpts, replacement mouth and eyes, but also the use of real, stretchable cloth, perfect for any type of pose! With the addition of a bevy of accessories, including a pizza slice and even a mobile phone, this Spider-Man is always one phone call away from his friends, and is never hungry! 
So make sure to grab you very own EAA-099 and add this upgraded Spider-Man to your collection today!

Special Features

Based on the designs of Marvel’s Spider-Man Far From Home, with Beast Kingdom’s Egg Attack Action styling. 
- Includes 4 pairs of replacement eyes, with magnetic function. 
- Fabric Material brings to life the new red and black spider look! 
- EAA’s specially designed thin and light body at 16.5 cm in height and 26 points of articulation.
- A great selection of accessories including two replacement heads, a variety of spider silk, special effects, pizza, mobile phone, and more!

- Two replacement heads including:
Fully covered masked head 
Partially covered masked head
- Two replacement mouths
- Four pairs of replacement eyes
- Four sets of long and short spider silk
- Six pairs of replacement hands, including: 
A pair of clenched hands
Replacement silk hands
Replacement gripped hands
Replacement climbing wall hands
- Assorted accessories, including:
One Pizza slice 
One mobile phone
Exclusive stand, featuring Spider-Man: Far From Home movie logo and name